Thursday, 12 May 2016

Naples and Ischia

I went to Italy. It went too quickly.
Naples was exciting and buzzing. Then a ferry ride to...
Ischia, a gentle, thermal water, green paradise. (We stayed at the Hotel Villa Rosa for it's 50's charm)
My favourite spot was Giadini la Mortella.
Created by Susana Walton, whose husband was the composer William Walton.
The stage set art is by Luzzati.

Spring garden

Every day there is something new to wonder at at.
It brings me such joy!
I've been at my home for almost 2 years and I finally got round to sorting the garden.
I gave away the kids play house in the corner of the garden and that spot is now a small patio which catches the last bit of early evening sun. Perfect wine drinking spot!
The patio and path were built from what ever slabs and stones were already in the garden.
The chap who built the path, beds etc also made me a has a reclaimed door and stained glass windows and I love it!
I've re-sown the lawn and started to fill the beds with cottage garden style plants. I'm training plants up and around the kids trampoline. I've added raspberries, rhubarb and other edibles around the place. And as my house is called Roseland, it only seems fitting to add roses, which will hopefully climb over the walls and their scent and beauty will spill over into the little lane I live on.
I've grown all my veg from seed and can't wait to have a constant flow of fresh salad and veg.
The succulents in the pot has a collection of found pottery pieces collected from the Thames in London and dug up from various gardens I have had.

Thursday, 21 April 2016


I am so Happy with my advance copies of 'Say Hello' and Kiss Goodnight'
The production is top quality! They have lovely squiggly covers and beautiful matt inside spreads, which capture my hand printed background perfectly. Fantastic design by Genevieve Webster. Let's hope they do well!
Out in the shops in July. Published by Templar publishing.

Saturday, 2 April 2016


Starting work on a new book for Holiday House.
Flowers at my friend's mothers memorial.
My magical Magnolia(and new patio area, made from all recycled bits... I'm doing lots of work in the garden)
Proofs for my books published by Templar in July.
Super potty pot by Scott Garrett.
Dartmoor and Dog.
My springtime lounge.
Pigeon painting.

Saturday, 27 February 2016


Doesn't try and sell me anything.
The moon is from my book,'Goodnight Moon' out with Templar publishing in July.
(which is something you can buy, I'm aware of the paradox!)

Friday, 26 February 2016

I can feel it

Spring might almost be here! The smells are changing, the buds are beginning to appear....

From the top: Photo of a birthday card I made for my super kind and talented friend Jane Foster.
(She displayed it next to Picasso)
My painted acorns, a Rex Ray and Mark Jesset's (Another creative in my home town) SPLASH of colour.
My brother and I got lost on a long walk on Dartmoor, somewhere north of Postbridge. Mostly in the sun (with a mini sleet blizzard at the end)

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Love waking to sun coming through my window. (Over my nature table, collected from my travels)
Love Sketching
Love Love. (Valentines flowers)