Sunday, 25 January 2009

What's new with Jane Cabrera?

I'm currently working on about 10 new ideas at once, which is what I always do!
I find the ones that stay in my mind when putting the washing on, walking the dog, or making food for my children (hope I haven't shattered your view that us author/illustrators live glamorous lives!) are the one's I'll stick with.

So, I'll develop these a bit more and then put them into my rather over stuffed plan chest until I have time to present them to a publisher. I find it's always a good idea to step back from work for a bit to see if it's any good! I work on all sorts of odd paper and into sketch books too.

I have been trying to go out sketching again, it's so hard to find the time, but now my daughter has started at school it frees up a few more hours. I like to sketch what's on my doorstep and luckily I have the magnificent river Dart a short walk from my house. I’d d like to draw there more.

My retirement plan is to sketch from source to sea!

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