Sunday, 18 July 2010

Blissed out on RICHARD LONG

I just went to a talk by the beautiful RICHARD LONG. (At the Grey with words Book festival!)
I felt over time he must have absorbed the landscapes he's been in and this came across in the calm, straight forward way as he talked of his truth and his art. So inspirationally. He handled a ignorant question that 'his work was like the Emperior's clothes in that anyone can walk and make things with stones.' He answered that he was a professional artist and explained that long pondered question 'what is art?' by saying, ART is what the Artist says it is'
And for me his work conveys the massive beauty and happiness one can get from the things around us that we so often do not notice or give a second thought on.
Perhaps when my children have grown I wiil sit and contemplate a blade of grass for a couple of years, In the meantime lots to do... !x

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  1. I found your blog because me & my daughter are coming to one of your Edinburgh shows. Love your work, and also Richard Long's! He had a great show in Edinburgh in 2007 and there's a permanent exhibit at the museum of modern art.

    All the best,