Tuesday, 21 September 2010

OPEN STUDIO is now closed

THANK YOU to anyone who bought a raffle ticket, we raised £256 for the Pakistan Floods.
For anyone considering doing the DEVON OPEN STUDIOS do not do the last weekend...it was very quite.
There were 121 visitors for my 1st fri-sun (plus 25 for talk) and only 32 the next weekend!
It had just ran out of steam (as well as brochures!) as the event is on over 3 weekends.
But all in all it was great experience.

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  1. Ah looks so lovely - I'm kicking myself because I was actually passing then, but grizzly 2 yr old kept us on the road rather than risk causing havoc in someone else's pad. I can see now that she and I would have loved to pop by and your work, pictures and home are truly beautiful. (thanks for following by the way!) xxx