Monday, 18 October 2010

An Artful weekend in London

with friends viewing lots of art...

My favorite was THE MUSEUM OF EVERYTHING, a pop up exhibition featuring Peter Blake's wonderful Victoriana collection, including Walter Potter's legendary stuffed animals. Lots of little critters dressed up and double headed lambs etc. I was so excited by this because I remember his museum in Arundel as a small child. It really stuck in my imagination and perhaps was a seed for the work I do now? It got split up when sold so it's a great to see lots of the collection together again for a while.

I also visited the crowded Gauguin exhibition at the TATE MODERN and spotted this stalking cheetar in chalk farm...

then at TATE BRITAIN A fantastic Turner Prize this year, I liked it all and Dexer Dalwood's work is good old fashioned painting!
Eadweard Muybride was a great exhibition too (shock find... he murdered his wife's lover!) and Rachel Whitread...

Plus an old studio pal, Karin Littlewood's lovely new book launch.
I miss London!

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