Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Poetry and paint

poetry and paint at my daughters school

Here's pics of the work I'm doing with my daughters school for the Tagore poetry festival.
Firstly we looked at a list of around 100 words and acted them out physically. Then each child chose 3 words and painted how the words felt to them. We will then create a poem.
We are also making a life size papier mache cow, which we'll cover with poetry.
It was such fun and great to get the kids doing really big messy paintings outside (in the sun!) Some of the words chosen by kids that have been ill were very moving.
more pics here


  1. Lovely! What a nice thing to do x

  2. Great photos and the artwork looks amazing!

  3. Thanks, The kids loved freeing up. It'll all be on stage with the kiddies at Dartington Hall (i'm planning the cow to bursts through the paintings to surprise the audience!) and then also at the poetry festival at Sharpham. x

  4. Seriously, that will be so fresh and... I don't know... revolutionising! Very clever.