Friday, 29 April 2011

Bonkers bunting and grumpy buddhists


What a day! For all my oversea followers today was a day when us British do what we do best, be eccentric.
Had a fun royal wedding party where I totally forgot my anti monarchy ways and believed in the love of the couple and the unity of the country! (perhaps it was the bucks fizz?)
Then onto Sharpham House to decorate for the Tagore Poetry fair organised by the wonderful Alice Oswald (had to rise above the judgement of the managers of the' buddhist' trust who poo-pooed all the decorations that we have dedicated days of our time. Ommm...)


  1. I want to eat the top photo! And love the rainbow flags, looks very dramatic.

  2. Oooo, was that Pavlova? Beautifully decorated. It has got me salivating! Yes, well, our intention was to have a mini-celebration of our own, even in Australia, but I was working and so couldn't join in. But that sounds and looks like great fun.