Friday, 6 May 2011

Inspiration Explotion

Yesterday was one of those days that was so full of inspiration and imagery
it could feed me for a whole year.
Firstly a talk by Peter Rendall Page.
I could listen to sculptors talk forever...then Orchids arrived in the post.

Next on the way to the Tagore Poetry Festival organised by Alice Oswald I stopped twice, once to for a girl dressed all in black whose top hat blew off as she whizzed down a country lane on her bicycle, then again for a black crow who had been stunned by a car. On arrival at the festival at the grand Sharpham house, the performance Artist Ansuman Biswas(who lived in a box in gallery for 2 weeks, before Mr Blaines circus) dressed in black flowing robes was singing down the stairwell, whislt throwing paper Oms, which he later set fire to. He had very beautiful feet!

Being Tagore
So much happened but the highlight for me was my friend's aunt Josephine who sat in a bath reading whilst the lovely Croation house keeper added more bubbles to cover here modesty!
I tried to pursuade the poet lauret Andrew Motion to go in and sit on the loo. I could see he was very tempted.

Artist Alice Leach.
Drawing round the music of Martin Holland.
The Evening was amazing, the bunting I had hung was the perfect partner for the poet's words. The very funny Matt Harveyy admired the verticalness of it and I loved Zena Edwards sing-song work.
l also met photographer, Alice Carfrae who told me she shot a wedding where a Lama and a Ladybird (in a matchbox) were bridesmaids!
The 3rd Alice in Wonderland.

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