Monday, 11 July 2011

There's a guy works down the post office...

and he swears he's Elvis...but the pubishers said "No, he can't!".
So I had to make him look like this. Shame.

The Parcels also had address labels written on them..T
he guitar to a Mr Hendrix, The crocodile to a Mr Mears (a nature guy on British TV)
and a love gift to me from a certain Mr Deep.
The publishers also said "NO" to that too. What spoil sports.

I had to fight to keep the upside down pack with the 'This way up' label on.

From Fetch, published 2012 Orchard books.


  1. Those PartyPoopers! I mean, what has the world come to if one can't even get mrDepp to send them love parcels in their fairytales!