Thursday, 22 December 2011

Ho ho ho!



Santa mustache buscuits



Santa Mustache biscuits perfect for a chritmas party!

...I found these biscuit cutters in the shop at the brilliant Wellcome collection in London.
I've only just discovered this place...
It's has changing exhibitions plus a permanent collection of Charles Wellcome's medical and health curiosites, from early prosthetic limbs, shrunken heads, Napoleon's toothbrush and Charles Dicken's walking stick..
And modern health concerns interpreted by contemporary artists.'s a winner and all free!


  1. Thanks for sharing Welcome Collection...absolutely love it....will definately be heading there next time I'm in London. Your Christmas looks magical and fun.x

  2. The welcome Collection is fab.
    I also have moustache cutters.
    Oh that I could pop round with some moustaches for you but we are different ends of this craggy isle.
    Have a Great Christmas Janex

  3. Charlotte..I will invite you to my next bash...i think a full on fancy dress party is due and Hazel one day we will have a mustache meet! HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you both and may 2012 be a super creative and happy one xxx

  4. thats soooo funny.I like it!!!

    greatings send you Conny