Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pipilotti Rist's Eyeball massage.




A quick London visit...
where I entered the dreamy trippy wonderland world of Pipilotto Rist at the Hayward Gallery.
A video artist who hypnotizes with her witty, earthy and feminine films.
I can't recommend this enough.
There's large images layered and projected onto floaty white fabric curtains in a darkened room with cushions to sit on (stuffed clothes, so it's like sitting on someone!)
There's a chair to sit on and images dance on your lap.
(I opened my sketchbook and traced the moving pictures)
And Films to peek at inside handbags and large conch shells
and don't miss the tiny little screen in the floor.

I also did more collage on the train.

Next posts Christmas crafts!

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  1. pipilotto, what an awesome brillinat name! looks very intriguing!