Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Children's books, the start of the process.




I'm working on 3 main ideas at the moment.
I start with sketches in sketch books. (One idea shown above, you might reconise them!)
Then I draw and paint up a few character studies. (see mini chairs post below)
And at the same time I type out the evolving story.
Then when the story is written and fits the 12 spreads. (average for a picture book) I might work up a mini book in pencil or draw out the pages in thumbnail roughs.
Then I paint up 2 spreads to show the publishers. (along with the typed out manuscript and any roughs)

Other ideas often appear too and i'll scribble them down somewhere!

Then I cross my fingers.


  1. I love Blob and Horned Blob! Like your writing too!

  2. ps. My word verification was "belly" -- CAN YOU SEE ME???

  3. Thanks Lyds and Anna..Lyds I don't notice my own writing anymore...but you've inspired me to perhaps go back to hand lettering in this book! And there is a mention of a belly in this book Anna...spooky! (I love those verification words!)