Monday, 23 January 2012

Papercuts...the possibilities are endless!



Present with scraps for making!

Now the top image is of course by Camilla Engman and it hangs on my wall over my dining table.
The one below is by me. It is so influenced by Camilla...but I was not aware of it the time!

Since I returned from her fantastic workshop last year (on again this year too at ACE CAMPS) the inspiration and creative possibilities have been endless.

I find creating images from discarded scraps and negative pieces from other work...such a delightful way to get those creative juices flowing! It has that control and chance balance.

And for my friends birthday I made her a little book with enclosed scraps for collaging.
I'm tempted to do a collage/scrap paper posting scraps to different Artists all around the world and see what they make?


  1. Tack :)
    Your friends birthday present looks absolutely perfect

  2. Here's a blog you might find interesting... Ivan