Sunday, 16 June 2013


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What What!
Had a most splendid day this weekend at the 3rd Velo Vintage Occasion and Bike ride.
I love my bike and I love to dress up...a Perfect combination!
See more jolly photos HERE.
I really loved that my 9 year old daughter could cycle on the road without a saftey helmet. I think we do wrap our children in cotton wool too much at times and the long hill into Exmouth was especially fun. The cars had to just wait and watch as we whizzed down it. Wheeeeeee!
Met some spiffingly fine folk too. Folk from the Grapevine in Exmouth and Vintage fashion author Naomi Thompson. Cream Teas on A La Ronde's lawn over looking the Estuary was just the ticket after the big hill climb. (Thanks to the Blitz and Peaces who jollied us up with their chirpy tunes!)
Toodle Pip Blogging chums.

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  1. Just lovely! Everything in this post haunts me into history pondering. Love the photos. Got my eye on your next posts.