Sunday, 4 August 2013

Beaches and Boats

One of my favourite beaches

We are about to set off on our travels.
The Beach above is my local Favourite, only a 15 min drive after school.

Talking of travels, take a look at an amazing journey that the organiser of Velo Vintage is undertaking for charity.
He will be Row, Row, Rowing his boat (Bike on board) and then alternating with peddling his bike whilst Tow, Tow, Towing his boat, all the way from Edingburgh to Exeter.
Amazing! Sponsor or offer a cup of tea en route.

The most Adventurous I've been on a river was in Sumatra. I went down a jungle River for about 3 hours in a Big Inner tube. Coming around the corner, and finding myself face to face with a Water Buffalo was an experience I'll never forget!
Images from my latest book, 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'. Out next year in the States.

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  1. Hi Jane. Just noticed you are a Follower of SW Illustrators, and recognised your name as a illustrator's name well-known to me!!! Especially love the picture of the bunny & cat on the island with the boat and bird.

    I'll have a look in my local bookshop for your book.

    All the best
    Frances Cony

    PS What sweet REAL bunnies you have! Did you see BBC2's The Burrowers?

    PPS The SW Illustrators blog should have new stuff on it VERY soon!!!