Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen!

Arrived to lit candles, fresh flowers and  Grizzly Bear.@ Copenhagen (after walk past junkies, sex shops & a bar called spunk!)
This way n that
My bike+fountain= happy happy day!
Eye eye captain
Me inside yoko

Just returned from Copenhagen. (New favourite city) and Stockholm.
Photos of Copenhagen...
My central airbnb apartment, arrived to flowers and candles.
Balloon Surprises
Ceramics at Craft Market. Pots by Annette Fris Brahe
I walked this way and that in my Swedish sandals.
My Bike. I love Bikes. I love fountains. Bikes keep things so more Human and soft and happy.
Great Bars and Cafes.
Yoko Ono wishing tree and
Me inside a Yoko Ono installation at the FANTASTIC Louisiana Gallery.
I never knew Yoko had such warmth and humour in her Art as well as all the super progressive intelligent stuff,
so inspiring I cried!

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