Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Grand Budapest and Kings Cross Hotels

I loved the visual feast of Wes Anderson's latest treat. His colour pallets are always retro delicious.
I love his use of Symmetry too, as shown here from Moonrise Kingdom. Inspirational stuff.
On my latest trip to London I stayed in a Hotel with a fantastic view over looking Kings Cross.
The area has changed so much since I left London 10 years ago. We has a drink in the Grand St Pancreas Hotel bar. (It used to be the booking hall) No more raves in crumbling warehouses!
One of my good friends, Susie works at the Skip garden.
New Artist find, Lucy Jones

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  1. Just like its namesake, there is something outrageously regal about the movie 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' that makes it a warm and exciting place to check into.

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