Monday, 7 March 2011

Fetch revisions

I thought I'ld share the 'tweeks' publishers want sometimes. I delivered the artwork for my latest book and the powers that be decided to get rid of the large pattern areas. They were worried that it detracts fro the characters, which is a fair comment. I also didn't show such large areas on the sample work I sent in, so on reflection it was a bit of a gamble. See label below to view same pic with pattern.


  1. Since starting to read to primary school kids on a regular basis, my eyes are always open for books, and especially those with really special pictures. That illustration, (both of them) are absolutely gorgeous. I'm not even a primary kid, and I'm still thinking, "oh those dogs are so lovely, and "oh, doesn't she look so kind", and "oh, aren't they an adorable little family". That is so sweet. I've only just discovered you, and I already feel the need to thank you for putting stuff up for us to see.