Thursday, 23 May 2013

Change and moving on


And letting not easy.
Especially of people you love.
I will also miss the view of the trees in the garden from my bed first thing in the morning.
But I will get a new view.

As a single Mother, my children are my priority.
I've learnt that an interest in others and not getting caught up in ones own fears and self pity really help keep the blues at bay. But looking after oneself is important too.
I like this Japanese approach to not always fighting the negative moods, just trying to accept them and then moving on.

I've taken a few better photos of my watercolours here.


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  2. Perhaps this is a thin kind of community Jane but your virtual friends (like me) wish you the best and we care for you too (even if it's just ineffectual hand-wringing!). Please keep sending postcards from your journey and making wonderful art.

    1. Thanks Rob, it is virtual community, but I think with certain folk you just know it's genuine, in a birds of a feather flock together kinda way...the way we live our lives and creativity and all!
      And when I've met my online pals in person it has been wonderful with true friendship and caring.
      We are lucky! Your kind words mean a lot. x