Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Creative Past, Present and Future

Here's a selection of Festive things I have made over the last few years.
And this years Crafty Christmas Eve project was to re-felt my shed roof after last nights storms. Ta-Dah! Feeling very proud. (Sorry Not pictured!)

My Daughter is so over excited. And I'm cooking my first Turkey tomorrow. (I'm a Vegetarian.)
Hope you all have a lovely day with Peace and Love in your Hearts.
I'm heading to Italy for my New Years Eve celebrations!

And then looking forward to setting up the new studio on my return...


  1. Have a lovely Christmas Jane and a super time in Italy! I've a feeling you're going to have a fabulous year! Good luck cooking the turkey! Xxx

    1. Thanks Jane...And a very Happy 2014 to you, Jim and Polly...see you on the other side. xxx