Friday, 6 June 2014

Contemporary Craft Festival

I had a wonderful inspirational evening at the Contemporary Craft Festival here in Devon.
Folk that make things by hand really are the nicest people!
I bought the 3 pots in the top photo by Elaine Bolt. Love the spoons.
Ceramic lamp shades Harriet Caslin
Kirsty Elson's charming driftwood worlds.
Imaginative displayed work by Little Burrow designs
Ceramics with history by Laura Lane. (She prints onto her pots photos taken in Cornwall by her great Grandfather.)
Folklore fantastic ceramics by Paul Young
Contemporary cool ceramics by Jill Shaddock

I missed out taking a few photos of other favourites,
Jewellery Clare Kilgour
Loved Jo Davies ceramics
And more ceramics by Brittany Delany
Ruth Harrison
Dove street Pottery
And last but no means least Justine Allison

I LOVE pots and ceramics!

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