Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Moving again! Yippee!

I am finally moving to a new home on Friday. And what a positive move it is!
The new house is so beautiful and I can have a studio at home again, which is best for my work/life/raising kids flow.

There has been something nipping at my heals for about the last 11 years, so to finally settle in a place of my own with my kiddies will be incredible. I feel so grateful and almost lost for words by the excitement of it all!

Good things do come to those that wait.

Between the packing I went on the great, Velo Vintage bike ride. More photos here.
And we were on the TV...here!
Click the label below for last years pics.


  1. All the best for your new home! Bet you'll make a very blog- post-visual studio.

  2. Wonderful news so happy and you are looking lovely and sparkly. May dreams and wishes come true in your new home x