Friday, 28 November 2014

Come on let's...

I do worry about where we are going in terms of energy consumption.

We are now slaves to our digital consumer durables; computers, phones, tablets, cameras, game consoles, music players and so on. And most are personal devises. They all need to be charged. My teen is a screen addict, I held off having a smart phone for years as I was conscious of the addictive nature of them and I am now hooked to Instagram and I hardly take a photo with a camera any more. What really bothers me is how they become 'old' or not compatable so quickly. Then more energy is needed to create new ones. And this is growing all over our world. Rapidly, It's crazy consumer times.

Anyhow take a look at The story of Stuff.
(I show this to my kids once a year)

There is no doubt that energy can improve our lives. I love my washing machine and lights, but it feels that most
everyday electronics all need to be plugged in and charged.

We need to try and get a balance.

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