Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I wanna be a part of it....NEW YORK, NEW YORK!

I really do love New York. Even when it is in the grips of finger freezin' arctic weather.

(Photos above, including, carved trunks at Anthropologie, presents and purchases including a book from the Maria Kalman Exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt and a poster by Christian Robinson at la Caza
bookstore, light selection of NY, I love the sieve one and mosaics on the metro.)

I just came back from dropping off my latest book to the most lovely publishers in the world, Holiday House.

I also went up to Vermont to visit dear friends.
(Photos below, including the frozen Hudson river from the train and a collage I made.)
All went too quickly, but came back to spring and lots of exciting news. More on that later...


  1. Great photos jane..... i so want to go to New York !!!! I managed Exeter last weekend..... and London this coming weekend...... slowly moving out from under the duvet of Devon! xx