Saturday, 21 March 2015

Treasure collections

I was inspired at 8 years old by a lady (Mrs Shackelton, I still remember her name) who I met on holiday here in Devon, to keep a nature table and I have been collecting objects of natural beauty every since.
I was also inspired by a childhood TV character, Mr Benn, who always bought home a souvenir to remember his magical journeys.

And my little Devon town of Ashburton is indeed full of treasures...
This week the lovely and talented Charlotte Chance had an exhibition of her magical and original work. (She bottles moments, memories and magic into exquisitely decorated bottle. She also did the packaging for this wishbone necklace for local jewellery maker Yumi Martin.)
My favourite exhibit was the small display draws, each draw had a different display inside. The top one is pictured here.

Also at North Street Gallery natural film maker Toby Strong had an exhibition of his atmospheric photographers beautiful arranged with all his treasures from around the world.

I have on my window ledge a small collection of my natural treasures (Bottom image) and all 3 inspired me to make the A2 work above.

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